What Is A User Agreement Policy

A CJE is a specific contract between the creator, developer or software publisher and the end user who buys the software. The contract gives the user the right to use a copy of the application or software in a certain way under clear conditions. To prevent others from stealing your software, designs, technologies and other relevant information, you must declare that your intellectual property (IP) is protected by copyright. It is important that end-users understand that using your software does not mean that they have rights to reproduce, steal, share or sell your IP. As part of using the IQPC service, users can provide information about themselves that may be visible to other users (see our privacy policy to learn more about the information collected on this site). You understand that you are granting IQPC and its related companies an unlicensed, unlimited and irrevocable license to use this information as part of the IQPC service offering by publishing materials on the IQPC website or by otherwise providing materials. In addition, you understand that IQPC retains the right to reformat, extract or translate materials you have submitted. You understand that all information published or transmitted privately through the IQPC service is the sole responsibility of the person of origin of that content and that IQPC is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the content. You understand that the IQPC cannot guarantee the identity of other users with whom you can interact as part of the use of the IQPC service.

In addition, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the data that users can provide about themselves or about the relationships they can describe. Your use of the IQPC service is subject to this usage agreement. IQPC may refuse service without a user`s notice for one reason or another. You are responsible for the confidentiality of your password and account and are fully responsible for all activities that take place under your password or account with or without your knowledge. If you make your login and password information available to another person, your account authorizations may be temporarily blocked or terminated. You agree to immediately notify IQPC of any unauthorized use of your password or account or any other security breaches. IQPC cannot and will not be held responsible for losses or damages resulting from non-compliance with this section. You can structure any legal agreement in a way that is most useful to your business model. The Directive on the Authorized Use of MailChimp describes, for example, prohibited content and actions: IQPC is an online service that is offered to enable professionals to find and communicate more effectively with other professionals (the “IQPC service”).

Whether it`s looking for a job, a lead for the next deal or an industry expert, IQPC users can contact thousands of professionals who are users of the IQPC service. The function that the privacy policy was originally intended to perform has become a standard system for informing users of how their data is being used.