Storage Rental Agreement California

There are certainly many other provisions that should include a modern self-storage lease, but these are the basics that you should include to adequately protect yourself from the most common complaints from tenants. 18. Please indicate how tenants receive communications from you and how they should communicate to you, especially for modification purposes. Even if standard notifications are not allowed by email in your state, you can send other types of email notifications to your customers. Grant these rights in the lease. PandaTip: The “Model” section below describes the tenant`s obligation to maintain the storage unit in a clean, orderly and safe condition. (f) “last known address”: the address indicated by the detainee in the last rental agreement or the address indicated by the advertisement in a subsequent written communication regarding a change of address. 8. Devoting any fees you can charge above the rent. Even if you don`t know the exact amount of each fee, the rental agreement must indicate the fees for which the tenant is responsible. Suppose the tenant is responsible for all advertising costs resulting from a sale of the pawns of his unit. They advertise several standard units at a time and divide the total cost of advertising among themselves.

It doesn`t matter. In the agreement, the state is simply seen as a real “proportionate” share of advertising costs. In fact, don`t use your installation rules and rules to repeat what`s written in your lease. This leads them to potentially confusing, contradictory and ambiguous results. Kimball, Tirey and St. John LLP represent the owners and managers of residential and commercial real estate, including self-sorting facilities. For more information on this article, please contact lawyer Leanne Barbat at 800-574-5587 and visit our website at If your rental agreement states that you do or offer things in your self installation that you don`t really do, remove the mention of these items. Some rental agreements stipulate, for example, that when a tenant pays his rent several months in advance and the operator increases the rent during that period, the new rate applies so that the prepaid rent is exhausted earlier than the duration of the down payment. However, most operators tell me they don`t; they feel that the tenant`s replacement is blocked for the duration of the period.

They should therefore remove this language from their lease agreement. The tenant must not keep anything outside the secure warehouse made available. Illegal activities and objects are prohibited at all times on the site. 5. Your tenancy agreement must be properly addressed to the duration of the tenancy, the duration and the termination, so that they are obvious to the tenant. In particular, it should identify the date of the start of the tenancy agreement and when the rent is due. It should also determine whether the birthday and the rent due date are different. If this is the case, it is important to explain how you get from the start date to the first full due date.

4. Your rental agreement must include a provision that informs the tenant if the appliance is regulated by temperature. I have seen a few complaints from tenants who claim to have been disoriented by installation signage, advertising, etc. and have “not realized” that their unit is not regulated by temperature. 7. If you accept credit card or ach payments, the lease must contain a language that allows you to do so. 1. First, your lease must contain all the provisions or languages prescribed by law. This varies from country to country, but most statutes have some kind of language needs. For example, Georgia has about two pages of language that must appear in the lease. In California, you need to give the customer room to list another contact.